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Cover Reveal!

In addition to celebrating my 37th birthday today, I'm also celebrating my 4th cover reveal! Craving Carter is book 3 of my Falling For You series and is a standalone.


When I started working at Scott Security, I had one goal in mind.. keep my head down and do the job to the best of my ability. Why would I have to keep my head down, you might ask? Because of the company’s CEO, Carter Scott. Carter is gorgeous, tall, and tattooed. Everything I love in a man. But there are two problems. One, he’s my boss. And two, despite all that sexiness.. he has a reputation for being a complete and total jerk. He’s known for having a temper, a mouth, and he’s gone through multiple office managers in a very short period of time. I probably shouldn’t have taken the job, but I need the money, and I got hired pretty quickly so I’m thinking Scott Security must be desperate too. My best friend keeps hinting at the fact that I’m lucky because I’m going to be working next to such a gorgeous man and maybe things will happen, but getting into a relationship with my playboy boss is the last thing I need or want. At least I don’t think he’s what I want…

Craving Carter

Available: May 15, 2023

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